About Me

So, this is me, or at least my likeness, (IF you add chubby cheeks and crazy naturally curly hair):

I’m Jackie and up until January of 2016, I, along with my husband and 2 kids, was living what most would consider a “normal” life: I worked at a great paying job, I traveled for work about once a month, spent money frivolously (see aforementioned great paying job), and my family dined out at least 2-3 times a week without a care in the world. Then reality struck – we found out that our 12-year-old son has Type 1 diabetes. I have a pretty extensive family history of Type 1, so this should not have been but a shock. But you could have knocked me over with a feather. This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen to me, and certainly not my kids…am I right? Well, it did and it was a wake up call for sure. So as my husband fought his denial and I listened to coworkers, friends and even family suggest that I just change his diet (if only it were that easy), I stressed about what to do next. How could I possibly travel to places as far away as Japan for work, while worrying about my son’s blood sugar and whether or not his father was handling things alright? I was torn. Well then reality slapped me right in the face again and basically made the decision for me – 2 months after my son’s Type 1 diagnosis we found out that our 9 year-old daughter has Celiac Disease. After meeting with her Pediatric Gastroenterologist and a dietitian, we of course learned that there is more to going gluten-free than just avoiding wheat, so that brings me to where I am at now:

I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids who is still learning the best way to raise my Celiac daughter to be gluten-free, consistently fighting with the school system to get my daughter the special education services she needs, waiting for my son to come out of the T1D “honeymoon”phase, and planning our next move with the military. People who know me are shocked to learn that I am truly an introvert so I decided to start blogging to give me an outlet – a place to share what I’m learning and hoping to share a little of my knowledge along the way.


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