Simple Gluten-Free 5-Ingredient Pesto Chicken Soup (Review)

I’m always on the lookout for simple, filling soups because if nothing else – I am a soup person. I found this recipe while looking through the gluten-free blogsphere, and you can find the original recipe here  I did make a couple of substitutions for simplicity, but for the most part, I followed the recipe as directed. Here is the recipe, taken directly from the website:


  • For chicken stock I just used two 32 oz. boxes of Swanson Chicken Stock (and here is a caution – I use to buy the gluten-free College Inn Chicken Broth and the last time I went to use one out of my pantry, my husband noticed that the box now says it contains wheat! grr)
  • For chicken I was lazy and used two large cans of Swanson White Chicken Breast. If sodium is a concern you probably wouldn’t want to do this. I personally don’t care much for chicken but for some reason I don’t mind the canned stuff so much.
  • I used one can of Northern Beans, but if you prefer a “heartier” soup I would use two.
  • I used  this Classico Pesto, which I found near the spaghetti sauce in our commissary and is labeled gluten-free:


I served it with french bread for those who eaten gluten in my house and Schar’s Ciabatta bread for our celiac (warmed up and buttered). Here is what my soup turned out like (don’t mind the plastic bowl – I have a thing about preferring to eat out of plastic):

 My family, kids included, all loved the soup!  I don’t care for beans and even I really liked it. I was concerned that the amount of pesto might overpower the soup but it didn’t for me. However, some might prefer to decrease the amount of pesto a bit and then add to taste, just in case.

This is definitely going to be added to my menu rotation for cold days.

Thanks Gimme Some Oven for sharing such a simple, delicious soup recipe!

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