I Tried That! My Experience as a Test Juror.

I realized today that I find it so easy to express my thoughts about negative experiences I’ve had, and too often I neglect to share about positive experiences. So for today at least, I’m sharing a surprisingly positive experience that I recently had as, who would have guessed, a TEST JUROR!

Since becoming a stay-at-home-mom (or SAHM as seems to be the common lingo) I’ve kept my eyes peeled for ways to earn some coin from home because:

1- My kids (diabetic, celiac, thyroid problems, etc.) have a zillion doctor’s appointments and scheduling them around a new, part-time job would be hectic.

2- Since becoming a SAHM I’ve become even more of an introvert and honestly, prefer to be in my house. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m clinically agoraphobic or anything, but my anxiety certainly kicks up a notch once I back out of my driveway.

3- I can get so much crap done during the week now that I couldn’t while I was working (obviously). No longer do we spend our weekends cleaning and doing laundry; I take care of that during the week so the weekends are for fun and relaxing.

With all that said, I read on some blog about being an online test juror so off I went to “know-it-all Google” to read up on it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many positive reviews about it. I can’t even remember where I read about JuryTest, but that is one that I chose to sign up with. You can find the link here JuryTest

I created an account and never really expected to hear anything from them because like I said, reviews online about being a test juror are so finicky. So I just kind of forgot about it. Then about a month and a half ago (about 6 months after I signed up) I received an email saying they had a case in my area and asked if I was interested in participating. The original email said I would be compensated  $40 for 2 hours of my time. I replied that I was interested and 2 days later received the email letting me know that I could log in and that the case was available for my review. The email stated that “the case involves listening to two sides of a legal case…and answering all of the questions,” and that the payment would be $60.

Before I give you the real scoop, you should know that I love law and order. Not the TV show, but I thoroughly enjoy rules, regulations, and the consequences that go with not following them. I’m not saying all rules, guidelines, etc. are perfect, but I believe that if you don’t like them, there is typically a process in place to change them. The only TV shows I care to watch are true crime shows (and the occasional crime-based drama), I enjoy reading murder mysteries, and the only part of People Magazine I care to read is the section on crime (if it’s there).  I like facts and logic. Being a test juror is right up my alley.

My Alley.jpg

So here is what you really need to know:

  • You sign a confidentiality agreement when you sign-up to be a juror. Unfortunately so much time has passed between then and when you get your first case that who knows what the heck it said. I’ll assume it was similar to the one signed in Fifty Shades of Grey and I just won’t discuss any intimate details of the case 🙂
  • I had to listen (it was audio with some slides) to the plaintiff’s attorney present their case for about 40 minutes.
  • I then had to listen (again, audio with some slides) to the defendant’s attorney present their case for about 30 minutes.
  • Then I had to answer about 100 questions. The majority of these questions were multiple choice but there were some that required feedback. I enjoyed giving my real opinion so I didn’t mind much but it was time-consuming.
  • When all was said and done I think it took me about 2.5 hours to listen to the arguments and answer the questions.
  • I actually got paid $60 to my pay-pal account!  The payment took about 3 weeks but the email said it could take up to that long.

Overall, I would say it was a great experience for someone like me and I would definitely do it again. Could I make a living off of it? No. But when you go from making $40/hour to being a SAHM, that $60 in your pay-pal account seems like a lot of pennies.

Has anyone else had experience as a test juror???

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