Courteous, Patient, Kind…Abstract Ideas?

So there I was, in the drop off lane at my son’s middle school this morning. Two cars were PARKED for unloading in front of me: a black Tahoe and some little compact thing. So I, being the ever obedient citizen that I am, dumped N off and then went to the left, around the PARKED cars as instructed by the “Duty Teacher.”  Dr. Queen of the Middle School (the Principal – not well thought of) has sent out newsletters warning us to follow the Duty Teacher’s instructions or basically you will lose your licence, your car, and your kid, so I am sure to pay attention and follow their instructions.

So off I went. I proceeded towards the exit and to my left, the black Tahoe came speeding by me, cut in front of me and then ran the stop sign to turn right. All on the middle school/next door elementary school grounds. It’s times like this that I wish I were an undercover police officer with one of those lights I could throw on top of my car and chase that sucker down. Even my daughter said, “that was NOT nice.”

Police Officer Clipart - Free Clip Art

It left me wondering: are simple manners and concepts like being courteous, patient and kind just abstract ideas now? Will my kids miss out on people like that? I’d like to think that I have instilled those concepts in them, and for now they seem good about being thoughtful of others, but am I doing enough? I think far too often we get so wrapped up in our heads that we forget to slow down and just be kind.


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