A Dysfunctional Vacation: Graceland, The Dixie Stampede, High Blood Sugar, Snow, and…Marky Mark???

Sometimes I find myself so frustrated with my new life (stay-at-home mom with a Type 1 diabetic child and a celiac child) that I want to cry. Realizing that many, many people have challenges more difficult than what I face, I still can’t help but miss the days BDC (before diabetes and celiac).  This is probably never more true than while on vacation. We are moving soon and decided that before we head back west, we should take a trip to see two places I have wanted to see since back when I was a youngster in the Air Force: Graceland (I was in tech school right outside of Memphis) and Branson, Missouri (my first assignment was Whiteman AFB, MO). So my hubbs, bless his heart, planned a trip to take me.

So off we go – me, hubbs, my two ducklings, and our dog.

  • Side note: traveling with a dog sucks. Daisy is a 7 pound malti-poo who hates the car and whines until the 2nd day of the trip, when she finally realizes she is not going to the vet. To add insult to injury, the pet fees at hotels can be ridiculous. Really, Hilton and Marriott should think about charging based on the size of the dog because my 7 pound dog sleeps and likes to hang out in her kennel. The $100 fee in Branson was crazy. But that is a whole different rant for another day.



Our first stop was Memphis, where we went to “The Pyramid,” the giant Bass Pro Shop that inspired me to get a crossbow to take fishing.  Then we hit up what E and I really wanted to see…GRACELAND!  It was awesome and we loved it. Even 13-year-old crabby N appreciated it. E and I have been singing Suspicious Minds ever since. Unfortunately the restaurant inside the Graceland complex did not cater to the gluten-free crowd and we were starving, so we did race through part of it. But I would definitely go back. We love Elvis!


Lisa Marie

It was in Memphis that two things happened: I think E got glutened and N started to have some high blood sugar issues. Thinking back, I’ve noticed that E got really restless and irritable in the past, on the nights we believe that she got glutened. That’s what happened in Memphis. She was hot (nobody else was), her tummy hurt, and she couldn’t fall asleep. She was restless and went from her bed in the hotel to mine, messed with pillows, went to the bathroom, etc. for hours. Finally it dawned on me that she probably had gluten while we were traveling that day and I was able to pat her back and help her get to sleep.

N’s issue, on the other hand, was not so easy to remedy. We recently started him on the pump and are still kind of new to the ways of the pump so we weren’t sure what to do. We examined the pump and it seemed to be working but it didn’t seem like anything was in the tube running to his infusion site. So we changed out his infusion site (thank God we brought extras) and off we went to Branson. We were extra vigilant about carb counting and still his blood sugar was running high (like 230-300). By the next day in Branson I called his endocrinologist’s office and talked to them about raising his basal rate and checking for ketones (negative), which we did and then things seemed to smooth out after another day or two. He’s still in honeymoon and we thought he was coming out of it but nope – we are still playing that game.

In Branson the one thing I really wanted to do was go to the Dixie Stampede, which we did and it was AWESOME. We all loved it. And kudos to them for having a gluten-free dinner available, including a cookie for dessert so E didn’t feel left out. While at the Dixie Stampede the photographer mentioned to us that he heard Mark Wahlberg was in town.  E and I listen to a lot of 90’s on 9 (XM radio) so she is well versed in 90’s music and knew darn well who Mark Wahlberg was. She couldn’t stop looking for “Marky Mark” after that and was planning on what she was going to say to him, and wishing she brought her Thunder hat (I know…makes no sense but it’s her favorite hat) for him to sign, etc. Unfortunately Marky Mark did not show up at our Dixie Stampede. But we did stalk him on Twitter for a few days and saw a picture of him golfing in Branson (where it was snowing and freezing).

Mark Wahlberg


Here’s how some of us may remember Marky Mark:

Marky Mark

Overall a great vacation, even if we did decide to come home a couple days early because it was warmer in Oklahoma. We ate at this amazing Taco place in Arkansas called Tacos 4 Life which completely catered to E’s gluten-free needs. I’ll have to review it, but in the meantime, if you are in Arkansas, I’d highly recommend it.


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